Our team comprises program analysts, managers, and highly skilled subject matter experts. We work diligently to advise and contribute to overall mission and service priorities, policies, and initiatives to improve preparedness, response, and resilience for our clients.


CyberPro delivers excellence built on the foundation of technical and professional expertise that we bring to every client engagement.

Strategy and Planning

We assist leaders and stakeholders, helping them determine where their organizations should go, and then plot the path to success.

Program Management & Mission Support

Our professionals are force multipliers to help you successfully achieve your mission and vision.

Subject Matter Expertise

We provide multidisciplinary teams of seasoned experts with successful domain experience to meet and exceed our client’s requirements.

IT Transformation & Decision Support

We leverage best available information sources to inform our clients and recommend a path forward.


Our team members have years of experience and expertise with customers in the following domains:

We support clients in the public health arena in the following capacities:

  • Subject matter expertise including nationally recognized public health; medical; infectious disease; and emergency preparedness, response and management experts
  • Strategy development
  • Program management for nationwide Emergency Support Function lead agency
  • Relationship management of stakeholders within and across Federal, State, local, tribal and territories, and the private sector, including public health departments, pharmaceutical companies, and the nation’s 6,000+ hospitals
  • Nationwide supply chain, logistics, and stockpile management
  • Infectious disease expertise and advisory services
  • Advisory services to support Human Capital and Information Technology decision-makers
  • Program management and subject matter expertise for biological advanced research and development of medical countermeasures

Our team provides services at national and regional offices, and also deploys into disaster areas. We support:

  • Policy and doctrine development
  • Business process re‐engineering
  • Planning and program management
  • Exercise design, conduct, evaluation
  • Critical infrastructure protection
  • Emergency response

Pandemic Response / COVID-19: Our team members provide on-call, 24/7 assistance with the health and operational challenges of maintaining critical ongoing efforts of government and private-sector clients during major public health crises and pandemics, including:

  • Reopening and return to the office strategies
  • Data analysis
  • Communications strategies
  • Guidance for workplace cleaning and disinfection and operations
  • Health and safety support to field operations including training and 24/7 on call support for program personnel
  • Program management for personnel testing

We assist public safety and security agencies and the private sector. Our support includes:

  • Coordinating law enforcement activities across the nation among federal, state, local, tribal and territorial authorities.
  • Program management for nationwide Emergency Support Function lead agency
  • International law enforcement operations
  • Law enforcement analytics
  • Federal law enforcement logistical support

We support clients by ensuring their mission essential functions and readiness capabilities. This includes:

  • Continuity of Government (COG)
  • Continuity of Operations (COOP)
  • Disaster recovery
  • Business impact analyses
  • Tests, training, and exercises

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